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  • Betawi Fiesta in Satoo, Shangri-La Hotel
    Promotions will end on : 2011-06-30


    To celebrate the 484th anniversary of the capital city of Indonesia, SATOO international restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta is holding a Betawi Fiesta for Jakarta diners from 21 to 27 June 2011. During the Betawi Fiesta, diners can indulge in the culinary delights of Jakarta as SATOO’s versatile team of chefs prepares a range of Betawi-style cuisine from appetisers to desserts.

    Diners who crave the traditional food of Jakarta can start with a choice of traditional appetisers, such as Selada Ikan Pulau Seribu (Seafood Salad in 1001 Island Style), Selada Ayam dan Lencak Sunda Kelapa (Chicken Salad Sunda Kelapa), Selada Teluk Jakarta (Mussel, Squid and Snapper with Seaweed), Ketoprak Jakarta (Rice Noodle and Rice Cake in Peanut Sauce) and Telur Puyuh Hijau (Quail Egg Salad).

    A wide range of main courses is available at various buffet stations and stalls.  Ikan Gurame Goreng Sambel Pecak (Deep Fried Gurame Fish with Chilli Sauce), Semur Ayam Pedas (Stewed Chicken with Hot Soya Sauce), Gulai Daging (Stewed Beef with Turmeric and Coconut Milk), Gobe Betawi (Stewed Beef with Coconut Milk Sauce), Ayam Bakar Jakarta (Jakarta-style Roasted Chicken) and Tumis Udang Melinjo (Stir fried Prawn with Melinjo Leaf) are available at the Indonesian Food station.  At the Grill Station, SATOO offers Ikan  Kakap Panggang Saus Sereh Limau (Grilled Snapper with Lemon Grass and Lime), Sate Kambing (Lamb Skewer), Ayam Bakar Bumbu Kuning (Grilled Chicken with Turmeric Marination), Sate Sapi (Beef Skewer), Sate Kerang (Mussel Skewer) and Kambing Bakar Bumbu Kecap (Grilled Lamb with Sweet Soya), among other dishes.

    As Jakarta people commonly eat main courses with rice, SATOO offers a choice of Nasi Ulam and Nasi Kebuli Kambing along with a wide selection of sambal, from sambal terasi, sambal bajak, sambal terong, sambal lencak, sambal pete and sambal nanas to sambal kecap.

    During the festival, some of the special Jakarta anniversary dishes are presented at traditional-style stalls, such as Soto Betawi (Beef Soup in Coconut Milk), Sop Kambing (Lamb Soup), Asinan Jakarta (Raw Vegetable Salad with Brown Sugar Sauce) and Betawi-style sweet delights for dessert like Kue Putu, Kue Pancong, Kue Cucur and Martabak Manis.

    A must-try food for diners in this annual festival is Kerak Telur (Rice, Egg and Marinated Grated Coconut Pancake).  All celebrations around the city serve this particular food each year.

    SATOO restaurant can seat 425 people in five different dining areas and two semi private dining rooms that span more than 1,408 square metres.  During the Betawi Fiesta, SATOO will offer buffet-style lunch and dinner that includes jamu (Indonesian herbal drinks), coffee and tea for only Rp. 220,000++ per person for lunch and dinner on Monday to Thursday, or Rp. 260,000++ per person on the weekend.  For reservations and information, please call (62 21) 3048 8535 or access the website at www.platinumclubjakarta.com.

    SATOO Deli attached to the main restaurant offers traditional cakes and sweets displayed at the shop, such as Kembang Goyang, Semprong, Dodol, Lapis Surabaya, Rengginang Manis, Lapis Legit, Ondel-Ondel-shaped Marzipan and Roti Buaya. 

    Roti Buaya is one of the most renowned traditions in Betawi culture.  It is crocodile shaped bread commonly used in traditional Betawi weddings, given by the groom to his bride.  It symbolises the couple’s wish of loyalty and prosperity in their married life.  (The crocodile shape symbolises loyalty, as the crocodile is believed to pair for life and the bread itself represents prosperity.)

    The merriment of the city anniversary can also be found around the hotel.  During the festival, hotel guests can find traditional transportation vehicles such as sepeda ontel, delman and becak displayed at the hotel lobby, guest relations officers will dress up in colourful Betawi-style kebaya while greeting hotel guests and Betawi delights will be served on the High Tea Buffet at the Lobby Lounge. 

    Meanwhile, the hotel brings a touch of the Betawi celebration into its guestrooms by presenting traditional Betawi delicacies as a gift for guests.