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  • Fugu Fish Challenge at Nadaman!
    Promotions will end on : 2008-01-30
    TEST YOUR COURAGE BY ACCEPTING THE ULTIMATE FUGU FISH CHALLENGE AT NADAMAN RESTAURANT The Fugu Fish is probably most well known from an episode of The Simpsons entitled “One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish” where Homer ate a plate of Fugu sashimi done by an apprentice chef. He was later diagnosed with fatal food poisoning and would die the next day. For reasons unknown, Homer survived and went on with his (crazy) daily life. But then, if this Fugu Fish so dangerous, why is it considered a delicacy? Like many customs and traditions around the world, there are stories and tales of uncanny courage. Indonesia has traditional Balinese dancers who are able to walk on burning coal, youths in Pantecoste Island in Vanuatu have been doing bungee jumping (or “Naghol” as they put it) to show their courage and maturity way before it became popular in late 90’s. For Japanese, this custom is unfamiliar. This tradition and philosophically rich country has been serving a traditional delicacy since 2,300 years ago. A dish that challenge the life of the diner: Fugu Fish. The Fugu Fish or the Blowfish, is an aquatic creature that lives in fresh water. This type of fish will blow itself twice or thrice its size so it will look bigger when being it feels threatened. But the Fugu’s defense mechanism does not stop there. Its body parts are poisonous, especially in its liver, skin, and intestines. Chefs who want to be able to serve Fugu must endure many tests and examinations, the final one is to eat a Fugu meat that he/she cut by him/herself. In Japanese, though, the word “fugu” (pronounced “fuku”) means luck. Which is ironic, really, when one realises the risk that one takes for eating such delicacy. The Fugu season begins during the months in Autumn and Winter. It is during such months that the Fugu will start storing fat in their otherwise skinny bodies that will help them warm themselves until Winter is over. Nadaman, Shangri-La Jakarta’s authentic Japanese restaurant, serves this challenging delicacy from 13 November until 31 December 2007. From the thinly sliced Fugu Sashimi, so transparently served to show off the texture and image on the serving plate, Fugu Hirezake or the fin of broiled Fugu Fish served with Sake, and Fugu Kaiseki or the lavish Fugu set. Each of these dishes can be enjoyed in Nadaman, Shangri-La Jakarta, with a starting price of Rp. 65,000++. But still, the question in paragraph one is not answered yet. What makes one deadly dish a delicacy? Well, perhaps it is the numbing sensation of the tongue (a residual effect of the poison) one feels when one chews on a Fugu meat, or the thought of bragging the tale of how one survives the fatal challenge of the Fugu to friends, relatives, children, grandchildren, and even frenemies.