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  • Nadaman "888" Quick Lunch
    Promotions will end on : 2008-12-31
    THE ALL-NEW “888” QUICK PLATE LUNCH AT NADAMAN SHANGRI-LA HOTEL, JAKARTA Rapidity has been one of the main concerns of people in big metropolitans all around the world. The fast-paced life demands a quicker way in finding solutions of issues of everyday lives. Nadaman, Shangri-La Jakarta’s authentic Japanese restaurant, offers a healthy and delicious answer for such demands: the new Quick Plate Lunch menu. Quick Plate Lunch Menu is specifically and specially created for business diners who do not have too much time to enjoy even the most delicious bites. Served in a big plate, guests can savour the genuine tastes of Japanese cuisines in express mode. The serving itself takes no longer than 10 minutes, leaving more time for guests to take pleasure in pure Japanese treat. For only Rp. 88,888++, guests can choose from five different types of meals: Sushi Mori Awase Set, Salmon Steak Set, Kushi Age Set, Mini Don Buri Set, and Saikoro Steak Set. All of these five meal sets consist of appetiser, Agedashi tofu, chicken soup, rice, and fruit or ice cream as dessert. The difference lies on the main course. Sushi Mori Awase Set serves an assorted array of sushi, Salmon Steak Set grills delicious salmon steak with mushroom and asparagus, Kushi Age Set serves seafood fried in bread flour, Mini Don Buri Set is a more traditional Japanese set with rice and seafood as the topping, while the Saikoro Steak Set features fried rice, beef steak, and vegetables. Nadaman opens daily for lunch at 11.30 until 14.00 and dinner at 18.00 until 22.30. This restaurant, located on the first floor of Shangri-La Jakarta, serves kamameshi, teppanyaki, sushi and other authentic Japanese dishes. Nadaman has main restaurant of 56 seats, three tatami rooms (for maximum 18 people), four teppanyaki rooms (for maximum 11 persons), two western private dining rooms (for maximum 8 persons) and sushi rooms (for maximum 8 persons). For reservations and enquiries, contact Nadaman at (021) 574 8140.