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  • SATOO Middle Eastern Ramadhan
    Promotions will end on : 2007-10-14
    To welcome Ramadhan, Shangri-La Jakarta prepares ultimate surprises starting from 13 September until 14 October 2007, including the sweet and savoury refreshments that the hotel will offer are sure to recharge guests’ energy after a whole day of fasting. Using the theme of “Middle Eastern Ramadhan”, the buffet and a la carte restaurant will indulge guests in hundreds of carefully selected dishes to break the fast. From the complimentary “Ta’jil” to a myriad of main courses created not only by SATOO’s chefs, but also by Chef Yusuf Gokdemir, guest chef from Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa, Muscat, to ensure authentic Middle Eastern flavours. Chef Yusuf, who also brings the genuine flavours of Turkey, will be at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta for the first 15 days of the “Middle Eastern Ramadhan” promotion at SATOO Restaurant. Not only will there be mouthwatering Indonesian dishes as “Martabak” (omelette stuffed with chicken, seafood or lamb, or vegetables for vegetarians), “Ayam Bekakak Nasi Jahe” (cooked chicken with ginger-spiced rice) and “Lontong Cap Go Meh” (rice balls served with chicken steamed in coconut juice, savoury crackers and pumpkin soup), there will also be Turkish delights as “Dohner Kebab” (vegetables, chicken or lamb stuffed inside a thin slice of dough), and the Lebanese “Tabbouleh” (a Middle Eastern salad), “Fatouche with Hummus” (salad dipped in chickpea and mint soup) and “Shawarma” (Lebanese kebab, with options for vegetarians). For those of you who want to experience something new, why not try their “Shisha,” the Middle Eastern art of inhaling the smoke of refreshing herbal fruits. Choices of flavours include apple, strawberry, mint, and mixed flavours. During the “Middle Eastern Ramadhan” promotion, guests will be notified of the time for the break-fast meal by the sound of a beduk (big drum) at maghrib (dusk). Live entertainment, such as Gambus (Arabic music) and the ever popular belly dancing, will be performed.