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    • Lisung - Authentic Wood Restaurant
    • 10 years ago by Martin Permana
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      Comes with a valley concept design, Lisung become one of the top ten most visited place in Dago Pakar.

      It has 4 floors and each floor has its own concept design. Mostly the design and the interior of Lisung is covered with wood.  That is why, sometimes Lisung was identically called as a wood restaurant.

      It has its own scenery landscape that directly connected to  Bandung view with its light during  the night. But the most wanted spot of Lisung's seating is in the gazeboo that is located in the lowest ground and the first floor that directly connected with the entrance door, both of it has really good scenery of Bandung lamps at night.

      Lisung itself provide international food with a lot of food and beverage variant to be chose. But mostly people come to have an appetizer and the main course and to stay any much longer during midnight while chat with their friends or families.

      Lisung mostly visited by university student near Bandung and Jakarta's people during weekend. And with its capacity, sometimes Lisung could not full-fill the seat requirement for another guess coming if the seats are fully occupied.

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