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    • Uuurrggh?Those Little Habits!
    • 14 years ago by Dina Indrasafitri
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      You and your couple epitomize the ultimate Romeo and Juliet, Brad and Angelina, Bonnie and Clyde whichever comparison you prefer. The two of you are rarely seen without each other, you support each other's career moves and hardly a day went by without exchanging the L word. However, now and then several of your partner's habits tend to?well, irritate you in those subtle yet tugging ways, like tiny thorns pricking the flesh.

      There are hundreds or probably thousands of human habits that account as unpleasant to others: being always late, not putting things back in their places, constant nagging, mood swings, you name it. If its just your co-worker, you can easily step aside to avoid them, however, things get complicated when it?s your own soulmate we're talking about. You are deeply involved with this person and will probably spend your lifetime with him / her. Lately, however, the habit(s) annoys you more and more-so much that sometimes you can't stand it any longer. Hold it! Does that mean that you?d have to sacrifice this wonderful relationship just because he can't keep the toilet seat down or she can?t keep the snoring down?

      Right, as in Mr or Ms Right, does not equal perfection, so it?s really quite natural that Mr Dream Guy clutters the cupboard, but you really can?t blame yourself either. The whole arrangement is naturally two-way and two-sided, as in any common relationship. Your partner should have the decency to cut down the habits a little bit (or maybe indulge in it when you're not around) and you should properly have the tolerance needed to maintain the relationship.

      Psychological studies suggest that some people's level of annoyance increase each time they are exposed to the particular habit they dislike. If that is true then it definitely spells trouble. Getting more irritated by your partner's habit from day to day will surely endanger the relationship, but you should also look deeper. Is it the habit that drives you crazy, or the feeling that your partner does not respect your dislikes? Ouch! we're talking pride here. Make sure also that your partner's habit merely verge on the usual pet peeves and is not related to certain unhealthy obsessions. Talk these things out, and if either (or both) of you have serious psychological issues related to the problem, then it would be best to consult a professional.

      Anyway, the next time you'll find the toothpaste uncapped, remember that the very thing that makes you want to break a tantrum could probably be the very same thing that breaks your heart and make you miss your partner even more when he / she is gone? happy valentine, everyone! (SG/DI)

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