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    • No White Christmas? No Sweat!
    • 14 years ago by Dina Indrasafitri
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      So most of the visions we have about Christmas are somehow influenced by Charles Dickens novels: thick snow heaping in icing-like manner on top of rooftops, knitted socks hanging on top of the fireplace, toboggans, reindeers...but ho,ho,ho, let?s see what we have here. You?re spending this year?s Christmas in a tropical country where Santa might have a hard time finding a chimney to slide through.

      Thus, sometimes those winter-y visions and decorations may not fit well into reality. But why the long face? It?s not like silver plastic tassels conveys up all you need to know about Christmas spirit. It?s the heart that counts, and when you fill yours with good will and jolly spirit, you can always have yourself a merry little Christmas.

      For a change, why not embrace your surroundings and try a new method of Christmas decoration that is distinctively Asian? Don?t just wave this idea away because it is in fact not as absurd as you think. For instance, in China many Christmas decorations follow the East Asian paper art tradition. The Christmas tree would be decorated with paper lanterns, chains and flowers. In India, the tropical touch goes as far as having a banana or mango tree to decorate on Christmas day. Sensible indeed, why insist on pine trees when the locals are just as attractive?

      For this year, try hanging red and green paper lanterns in your living room instead of the regular Christmas lights, or arrange a large vase filled with red and green tropical plants such as Heliconias. Gold is a common hue for Asian antiques and also a Christmas color so let those vintage jewelry boxes or sculptures out to do the task. You might not have snow this year, but try a different take of white Christmas by spreading white sands or seashells in several corners of the room.

      See? It?s not always decking the halls with boughs and holly that gets the Christmas spirit going. With the right attitude and a little creativity, a tropical or Asian Christmas could be just as jolly. (SG/DI)

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