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  • June F&B Highlight at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta
    Promotions will end on : 2011-06-30


    SATOO: Betawi Fiesta
    SATOO international restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta revisits the spirit of Jakarta’s anniversary by presenting authentic Betawi dishes.  Celebrating the 484th  anniversary of the city of Jakarta, SATOO chefs present Jakarta’s most renowned dishes, from asinan Jakarta, rujak serut, gado-gado, bakso kuah  and kerak telor to a variety of sweet delights like kue putu and kolang-kaling.  The Betawi-style goodies will be extensively presented at the restaurant’s open kitchen buffet stations.  The Betawi Fiesta is available at SATOO from 21 to 27 June 2011, starting from Rp. 220,000++ per person.

    Rosso: Banfi Wine and Dine
    Castello Banfi wine is renowned for its art of Italian winemaking.  In pursuit of excellence, Rosso presents the Banfi Wine and Dine for its distinguished guests to allow them to savour a seven-course Italian set menu, with each course paired with a matching Banfi wine.

    The San Angelo wine will be served with the appetisers and is excellent as an aperitif.  Meanwhile, the Brunello wines – a classic Banfi product with soft velvety flavours and intense ruby red reflections – from various years will match the range of main courses.  The red sparkling Rosa Regale with its appealing and sweet flavours is a perfect complement to a sweet dessert and will end the meal.  Rosso’s Banfi Wine and Dine set menu is available at Rp.1,300,000++ per person until 12 June 2011.

    B.A.T.S.: Special Burgers
    The burger has long been favoured by many.  From mobile kiosks and fast food outlets, the burger has found its way to five-star restaurants around the globe.  Commonly served as minced meat in a bun with Cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, mustard and ketchup sauce, B.A.T.S. presents the flavours of burgers with a touch from different countries around the world.

    Serving different tastes and styles of burger, B.A.T.S. presents selections of generous portions of burgers from Guinness Sauce Marinated Patty, Minced Beef Schnitzel with Sauerkraut, Beef Kofta Burger, Teriyaki Burger, Black Pepper Sauce Marinated Burger, Curry-flavoured Burger to Rendang-flavoured Burger.

    Guests can choose the type of buns – B.A.T.S. special, wheat or sesame.  Each burger comes with a potato side dish (wedges, fried, baked or mashed) and a choice of beer of wine.  B.A.T.S. Special Burgers is available at Rp.180,000++ per portion, from 20 June to 10 July 2011.

    Lobby Lounge: The Flavours of Indonesian Coffee
    Lobby Lounge offers a pleasant treat for coffee lovers. Flavours of Indonesian Coffee presents the richness of the nation’s best coffee, from Java Estate, Sulawesi Toraja, Sumatra Mandheling, Flores Arabica, Lampung Robusta and Bali Kintamani to the famous and exclusive Indonesian Luwak coffee. Enjoy your coffee with a delightful set of Indonesian traditional snacks to make your Indonesian coffee experience even more pleasant. Flavours of Indonesian coffee is available at the Lobby Lounge from 20 June to 10 July 2011, starting from Rp. 65,000++ per portion.

    Nishimura: Japanese Fusion Delights
    Fusion cuisine has become more and more popular around the globe. Nishimura at Shangri-La Jakarta uses a more eclectic approach to feature Japanese dishes with ingredients from various cuisines and regions. Combining elements of a mixture of culinary traditions into a single eating experience, Nishimura presents Japanese Fusion Delights, featuring a range of scrumptious dishes from Mixed Sliced Seafood with Vinegar Rice to Millefeuille-style Sea Urchin and Scallop with Wasabi Sauce. Japanese Fusion Delights is available at Nishimura from 6 to 29 June 2011, starting from Rp. 48,000++ per portion. Japanese Fusion Delights set menu is also available at Rp. 410,000++ per set.

    For reservations at any of the hotel’s restaurants, please contact the restaurant reservations desk at (62 21) 3048 8535 or visit www.platinumclubjakarta.com.