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  • May F&B Highlight at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta
    Promotions will end on : 2011-05-30

    SATOO Delishop - Marvellous Macaroons 
    until 31 May 2011 

    Renowned as a sublime delicacy, macaroons have long been a favourite by many. Relax between your daily routines and enjoy a macaroon or two. SATOO Deli Shop offers the sweet indulgence by presenting these meringue-based treats in delicious flavours and exciting colours. The Marvellous Macaroons promotion is available at SATOO Deli Shop throughout May 2011

    Nishimura - Tempura Crisp 
    until 29 May 2011 

    Tempura has long been a favourite in Japan, from the local tenpura-ya, being a part of a bento set and all the way to five-star restaurants. Nishimura, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta’s new Japanese restaurant, brings the crunchy delights in à la carte selections for its guests. Savour the crusty sensation of battered and deep fried fresh crustaceans in Tempura Crisp. 

    SATOO - Marine Lovers 
    every Monday and Tuesday 

    Seafood fanatics will find Mondays and Tuesdays more exciting than ever at SATOO! 
    Presenting Marine Lovers, SATOO extends its seafood selections to its open kitchen buffet stations for the indulgence of guests. Enjoy a wide range of fresh seafood, from scallop, snapper, prawn, mussel to cray fish in various cooking styles. SATOO Marine Lovers is available at dinner time every Monday and Tuesday.

    SATOO - Hawker Festival 
    every Wednesday and Thursday

    Springing up everywhere in the urban areas, hawker food lovers can now enjoy an immense range of Indonesian hawker food in the five-star setting of SATOO. Every Wednesday and Thursday throughout April, SATOO presents the 

    Hawker Festival, serving Indonesian flavours ranging from Siomay Bandung, Kerak Telor, Bakwan Malang to traditional sweet delights. 

    Shang Palace - Rice Dumpling Delights 
    23 May to 6 June 2011 

    Rice dumplings are traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar. Shang Palace offers the joy of the celebrations by presenting a variety of special rice dumplings to complete your oriental dining experience. In a variety of rich and authentic flavours, our rice dumplings are a must-try for any food lover.