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    Promotions will end on : 2007-11-02
    Three Days Only, SATOO's Theatrical Kitchen exclusively presents: Michelin-Star* Chef Bruno Maringue 30 October - 1 November 2007 The Ratatouille (the movie) craze hasn’t died down yet, at least not in SATOO. In the movie, Remy (a rat) befriended Linguini (a human) and literally fulfill each other’s dreams. The rat wants to prove that everyone can cook while the human simply wants to be valuable. This cartoon movie was set in front of a French restaurant in Paris, where the restaurant (owned by the famed Auguste Gusteau) was downgraded to only two Michelin stars (from the previous three stars), causing the owner to commit suicide. Just a little trivia, here. The Michelin Guide is a famous and highly regarded travel guide which rates primarily European hotels and restaurants. A Michelin star is the most coveted honour in the restaurant business, as very few restaurants are rated a star. To acquire this star, each establishment is rated by anonymous inspectors, who look at the quality of service, consistency, value, the personality of the establishment, and the skill of the chef. SATOO at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta offers you to taste the true French cuisines coming from a chef who spent his life cooking for Michelin-star rated restaurants. For only three days, starting from 30 October until 1 November 2007, Chef Bruno Maringue, will take over SATOO’s Western theatrical kitchen section. Chef Bruno has worked as a commis chef in three Michelen-star rated restaurants, all of which are rated with three Michelin stars. They are Lameloise restaurant in Chagny, France; Restaurant Paul Bocuse, owned by the legendary Paul Bocuse in Collonges au Mont d’Or, France; and Le Gavroche restaurant in London, England, where he served fine traditional French cuisine. His passion for authentic French culinary art led him to various experiences, including a position as executive chef onboard designer Pierre Cardin’s luxury cruise ship, Maxim’s des Mers, during its maiden voyage to New York for the Statue of Liberty Celebrations in 1986. Upon returning from the year-long trip, he became owner and executive chef of the family-owned restaurant, Le Chapon Fin, previously owned by his grandfather, Paul Blanc. He stayed there until 2004 before embarking on a voyage around Asia to spread his love for French cuisine to countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. For only three days, SATOO Restaurant allows you to sample Chef Bruno’s selection of tempting cuisine, including dishes such as Mixed Green Salad with Yabbies and Confit of Tomatoes, Pan-Fried Foie Gras with Mango and Spice, Fish Soup with Red Mullets and Roasted Langoustines, Crispy Sandre Fish and Ratatouille, Mash of Scallops with Pink Berries, Fricassee of Poultry With Morel Cream Sauce, and of course a choice of mouthwatering desserts ,such as Crepes Parmentier and a selection of fine cheese. For information & reservations, please call (021) 570 7440 * The Michelin Star is the most coveted honours in the restaurant business in Europe, as very few restaurants are rated a star. The Michelin Guide is a famous and highly regarded travel guide which rates primarily European hotels & restaurant.