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  • Nadaman At Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Offers "Absolute Ebi"
    Promotions will end on : 2009-04-30
    Nadaman, the Japanese restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, offers lobster and prawn dishes through the "Absolute Ebi" promotion. Meticulously prepared dishes by Japanese Chef Koji Yoshimoto and his team retain the unique texture and taste of these crustacean. The "Absolute Ebi" promotion runs from 25 March to 12 April 2009 with prices starting at Rp. 78,000++. Diners who crave for Japanese traditional dishes may try Iseebi Onigawa Yaki (Broiled Lobster with Teriyaki Sauce), which portrays a special presentation of juicy lobster with teriyaki sauce. Diners can also enjoy lobster with Chef Koji Yoshimoto's distinctive creation, Iseeb i Chilli Sauce (Lobster with Chilli Sauce). Served with broccoli, the lobster is seasoned with cream and spicy sauce, giving it a sweet and spicy flavour. Nadaman also prepares agemono (deep-fried dishes) for fried food lovers. Diners may enjoy Japanese grey prawn named shibaebi in Shibaebi Kakiage (Deep-Fried Kakiage). The prawns are chopped, mixed with tempura flour and vegetables, deep-fried until crispy, and then served hot with tempura sauce. Another deep-fried dish available during the promotion is Ebi Fuwa-Fuwa Age (Deep-Fried Soft Prawn Ball). Made from minced prawn and mashed yamato imo (Japanese potato), the dish presents the soft texture of the two main ingredients in a very delicate way. Ebi Nanohana Yaki (Broiled Prawn with Nanohana) reflects beautiful flowers. Moulded and broiled with eggs and vegetables, the prawn meat becomes yellowish as Japanese ingenious flowers. Meanwhile, Ebi Yuzu Miso Yakinabe (Broiled Prawn in Hot Pot) displays hot legendary miso soup with jumbo prawns, mushrooms, leek tofu and prawn stock. Nadaman's main restaurant has 56 seats. There are also three tatami rooms available for a maximum of eight people per room; four teppanyaki rooms can seat a maximum of 10 people each; two Western-style private dining rooms can seat a maximum of eight people each; and one sushi room has space for a maximum of eight people. For reservations and further information, please telephone (62 21) 570 7440 extension 6528 or 6529.