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  • White European Asparagus Affair
    Promotions will end on : 2013-05-31
    This white European asparagus affair is available to delight your palate for lunch and dinner starting from 15 April 2013 until June 2013. Considered delicacy in Europe, it grows seasonally from late April to June. White asparagus is different than the green asparagus because of the planting process where the white colour from the white asparagus comes because the plant did not get any enough sun light, therefore the photosynthetic process is not occurred. The white asparagus referred to as the royal vegetable which is less bitter and much more tender. It must be peeled before cooking or raw consumption.

    Our Executive Chef, Gary Palm together with Wawan Barito Setiawan, Chef De Cuisine of Scusa Restaurant have created special menu using the white asparagus ingredients such as boiled white asparagus with poached egg, arugula and brown butter sauce, creamy white asparagus soup with parmigiano reggiano fritters, white asparagus risotto with parmesan and truffle scented, beef tenderloin with melted gorgonzola, grilled white asparagus, creamy baked potatoes and tarragon bearnaise sauce. Price starts from Rp. 105.000++ to Rp. 445.000++ per portion.

    Bacchus Bar also provides "Create your own" asparagus menu available for dinner only. By paying Rp. 230.000++ per portion, guest can indulge 120 gr white asparagus boiled or steamed with 1 type of meat, seafood and choose their own condiments such as arugula, boiled potato, black truffle with poached/fried/boiled egg and their sauce selection, for example Hollandaise or brown butter sauce.

    This premium vegetable has been flown in directly from Europe and our team has created a number of flavoursome dishes inspired by white asparagus. White asparagus is very healthy with 95% consists of water and has no cholesterols, high levels of antioxidants, a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber which is good for disease prevention and balance your diet” says Gary Palm, Executive Chef of InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza.

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