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    • A Warmth From a Cup of Italian Coffee
    • 10 years ago by Ade Jayadireja
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    • courtesy of SendokGarpu

      For coffee addicts, this coffee shop should not miss. Espressamente illy, which is also the name of one famous brand of Italian coffee (illy), offers a variety of coffee with number one quality. No half-hearted, all coffee beans and coffee equipment here imported directly from Italy. 

      For the first time, illy open a coffee shop in Indonesia. Located at the lobby of ANZ Square building, Espressamente illy presents the warmth and relaxed impression, especially for employees in the ANZ building. This coffee shop has a minimalist design, but still elegant. The touch of exclusive was emanating from the high lights that resemble umbrellas. On the right side, there is a bar decorated with a row of cans of illy coffee. In the table bar is also displayed various types of food. Starting from pasta, sandwiches, and more. To be able to see baristas making coffee, I sat near the bar. While relaxing, I could feel the warmth of sunlight entering through large windows. 

      Because this is a coffee shop, and because Italy has a good quality coffee, the first time I ordered is a Cappuccino Freddo. No need to wait a long time, a warm Cappucino Freddo come to accompany my leisure time. Cappuccino Freddo has a soft foam. Well, This is what makes Cappucino Fredo different from others. Coffee is not too sweet, thick foam, and slicked with pumpkin-shaped latte art. From the taste, it's clearly that coffee is made from quality coffee beans. 

      Not just coffee, there are also various foods that can satiate. My choice fell on Salmon Panini. Cream cheese, smoke salmon, roast potato, and fresh tomatoes flanked by multi-grain bread. Slightly salty taste of fresh salmon, delicious cream cheese, and chrunchy multi-grain bread mix together in the mouth. Guaranteed you will be satisfied. For pasta, I ordered Pasta Pomodorini. Fettucini processed using olive oil and served with pieces of mushroom. Smooth texture makes it easy to eat that food. 

      To create a sweet taste in your mouth, try to taste Valrhona Chocolate Lava. Chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside, then served with ice cream gelato at the top. Cake on the outside is warm, but there is a cold sensation of ice cream gelato. Both combinations are more perfect with the sweet taste of melted chocolate. There's also Chocolate Mouse Cake is decorated with a beautiful garnish. 

      While enjoying all this food, I drank a glass of Cappuccino Fredo back and resume my leisure time. Hmmm ... the joy of life.


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