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    • Suguhan Magali: Like Dining at Home
    • 10 years ago by Ade Jayadireja
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    • courtesy of Sendok Garpu

      Eating at this restaurant makes you feel like eating at home. Why? Because the restaurant offered a menu that is not much like the food menu at home. Most of the recipes in Suguhan Magali is a legacy to the next.

      When entering Suguhan Magali restaurant, the place was small, but minimalist and comfortable. The atmosphere was warm and familiar feel when coming into. On the left wall plastered photos of the family, its customers, and also photographs of artists who ever ate in the restaurant. "We display my family photos and customers for the visitors feel comfortable and like to eat at home," said Isaac Andrews, owner of Suguhan Magali.

      I chose to sit on the couch that the rests made from banana leaf midrib. One look at the menu, I was a little laugh because seeing the names of the packages in it. The name of the package at this restaurant uses the original name of Indonesia. For example, Mbak Ratri, Uda Amir, Mba Marni, and others. I think this is unique, and very impressed Indonesia.

      For curiosity, I ordered Neng Helah package. This package consists of green chili chicken, tempe mendoan, sayur asem, rice, and chili paste. These foods are very common, but the taste is great. Did not disappoint. The green chili chicken is so tasty, and there are spicy sensation that makes you want to continue to eat it. When finished with green chili chicken, my attention turned to the tempting bowl of sayur asam. The sayur asam raises fresh taste in the throat. Peanuts, beans, pumpkins, and everything in it makes my mouth do not stop eating.

      As a complement, also provided mendoan tempe. Tempe is very pronounced mendoan flour. Suitable mixed with green chili chicken. All of this food  will be more challenging when eaten with a spicy sambal paste.

      Still feeling hungry, I also ordered tongseng. This one is not less than Neng Helah package. Taste of spices in the sauce is very strong. In addition, goat meat is very tender and does not smell fishy. Goat tongseng will be very tasty if eaten with hot rice.

      If you missed as a child snacks, you can order kue cubit here. The kue cubit is very soft and melt in the mouth. To accompany kue cubit, do not forget to order a hot chocolate Magali. This is such as hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows in it. When stirred, the marshmallows will melt. And because the marshmallow is sweet, so not needed sugar anymore. Bitter taste from chocolate mixed with sweet and puffy marshmallows. Drinks like these are scarce.


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