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    • Making Pizza and Pasta with Your Own Hands
    • 11 years ago by Ario Triwibowo
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    • courtesy of Porta Venezia

      Salve! SendokGarpu once again invites you to feel the amazing experience in food creating fiesta. For this next upcoming cooking class will be held at the Porta Venezia on Saturday, June 26 2010 at 11.00 AM. This luxurious restaurant is recommended as one of the finest dining Italian restaurant in Jakarta. Located on the second floor of Hotel Aryaduta Semanggi makes it the grand dining in the central Jakarta.    

      This time, Executive Chef Yudhi Dwi Guna will be teaching you how to make Italia’s finest dining. Having years of experience being a chef in many hotels and restaurants, Executive Chef Yudhi Dwi Guna is surely an expert on how to cook, especially Italian food.
      This 10-times in a row champion of The Television Indosiar Program “Super Chef – ALLez Cuisine will teach you on how to make the rich, wholesome, and creamy Italian dining called pizza and pasta. Who doesn’t know about these two world-famous cuisines? All Italian restaurants in the world must have pizza and pasta on their menu. This round-shaped bread cuisine originates back in the Greek-Roman era, and spreads throughout the area until it reaches Italy. The Pizza itself has many different types, according to the ingredients you put into them. While Pasta, on the other hand, is a noodle-like food made from a combination between wheat, flour and water. Pasta also has various shapes and names. Its names follows it shapes, like spaghetti (thin rods), macaroni (tubes or cylinders), fusilli (swirls), and lasagna (sheets).

      In this cooking class, you will be able to learn on how to make pizza and pasta as this long time experienced chef will show you the way. Participants will be made into groups consisting of five people for each group. In each group, they will be able to try to create pizza and pasta with their own hands. Feel free to ask our chef if you have any difficulties, because he will be ready to help during the class. After you’re finished cooking, you will also have a chance to taste the real pizza and pasta made by the Executive Chef Yudhi Guna!    

      In addition to our cooking class, there will be quizzes with prizes, goody bags, certificates, door prizes, and finally a lunch buffet for the closing. So, don’t miss this chance to become an expert Italian cook!

      Contact person:
      Anwar Ismail (+6221 385 56 42, 3855643 ext.11, 0812 8826863)
      Ardesia Risa (+6221 385 56 42 , 3855643 ext. 16, 0838 9276 8677)
      Ticket price:
      For SendokGarpu member: Rp 325,000 per person (before 18 June 2010)
      For non member: Rp 350,000 per person (after 18 June 2010)Send the payment to:
      'PT.Indohome Media
      BCA Account Number: (319 30 9 8882)

      Fax the payment receipt to (021) 344 86 67 or e-mail the scanned receipt to marcom@sendokgarpu.com.
      Bring your receipt to register in the Porta Venezia, Hotel Aryaduta Semanggi. 
      Please call us to confirm

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