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    • Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Introduces New Chef
    • 10 years ago by Cuni Candrika
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      Signatures Restaurant at Hotel Kempinski Indonesia Jakarta introduces the new Chef Foong Wai Loong, who will introduce his Nyonya Peranakan cuisine on his ‘Truly Nyonya’ promotion from 18 July to 22 July 2011.

      Under the guidance of the Chef Foong Wai Loong, the culinary team of Signatures will prepare these colourful Nyonya Peranakan dishes. This unique Nyonya food promotion ranges from Appetiser, Soup, Meat, Seafood, Rice&Noodles and Vegetables.

      Amongst the favourites are Crispy Brinjal with chicken floss, Fried Popiah, Vegetarian Loh Bak as Appetisers; Salted Vegetable Duck Soup and Clam and Sea Cucumber soup, Grilled Spare Ribs with Lemongrass, Melaka Crispy Chicken from the Meat items;  and Nyonya style Steamed Fish and Belacan Clams from the Seafood collection; as well as Nyonya Curry Laksa Noodles and Kerabu Fried Rice as his Rice and Noodles creations.  Last but surely not least, find the Penang Vegetable Curry and Chay Buey in his Vegetable section.

      Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine combines Chinese, Malay and other influences into one unique blend. The word 'Peranakan' alone means descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca, Indonesia and Singapore, inter-marrying with local Malays. Whilst 'Nyonya', a term of respect and affection for women of prominent social standing, has come to refer to the cuisine of the Peranakans. Nyonya cooking is a blend of Chinese ingredients and wok cooking techniques with spices used by the Malay/Indonesian community. The food is tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal.

      Take a culinary journey to the straits of Malacca, only at Signatures restaurant.

      Call 021 2358 3898 or email signatures.jakarta@kempinski.com 



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