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    • SushiGroove : It's a Very Fun Way to Eat
    • 10 years ago by Cuni Candrika
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    • courtesy of SushiGroove

      SushiGroove is a popular chain of trendy yet casual sushi bars aimed to appeal to sushi and Japanese food lovers of all types and budgets.

      The atmosphere at SushiGroove is warm, fun, and inviting, relaxing and quite funky. Incorporating tasty unique Japanese dishes, cool design, groovy hip music, and a warm friendly service, SushiGroove will take sushi-eating experience to a new level.

      SushiGroove targets a market wanting quality and value with a difference. This is the perfect venue for a quick meal. There is no long wait for food preparations, so it is the ideal location for the businessman on the run, the shopper wanting a quick fix, or even for those wishing to enjoy a movie. For those all-day diners who like to eat and hang around, they can also do so while enjoying our unique variety of beverages and cocktails. Relax, feel comfortable, and enjoy the music, mingle amongst friends all the while appreciating the delicious sushi creations on the communal table.

      In addition to our unique sushi menu, which consists of more than 38 different Groovy sushi items and most of them unique to SushiGroove, we also serve a variety of Japanese dishes from small plates, rice and noodles, traditional sushi rolls, as well as our unique delicious Japaghetti (Japanese Pasta) , and Okonomiyaki Japanese Pancakes, served in 7 (seven) different flavors, and also bento box.  The prices are very valuable , sushi rolls start from Rp 18,000, small plates start from Rp 9,000, and traditional sushi start from Rp.10.000. SushiGroove will definitely prove to be a great value for everybody.

      NEW MENUS Category!

      And now we have added a new section in our menu called “SUSHI BURGER“  
      SUSHI BURGER is a DELICIOUS combination between the west and the eastern style.
      This was purely based on our desire to give more options for customers but stillrelating to our concept as a Modern Japanese Restaurant.

      As its tagline “SUSHI = Good , Burger = Good , SUSHI BURGER = VERY VERY GOOD” Well, it is something NEW combinations that you have to experience by yourself. From the first bite, the irresistible taste of Asian meets Western will pop in your mouth, which we believe you’ll find quite interesting. Price start from Rp.25.000 – Rp.39.000.

      We have 9 (Nine) different Sushi Burger variations with their own unique combination and names:
      1. Spicy Yakiniku & Egg Sushi Burger ( Delicious sliced beef yakiniku topped with fresh onions, spicy sauce and egg )  
      2. Dynamite Avocado Sushi Burger ( Try this tasty combination of avocado & hamburg with our famous dynamite mayo )
      3. Crab Tempura Sushi Burger ( Crunchy soft shell crab inside with mayonnaise & dynamite sauce, YUM! )
      4. Karaage Cheese Sushi Burger ( Get ready for this crunchy chicken karaage with mayo sauce, fresh curly leaf lettuce, & cheese)
      5. Wazza‐  wazza Sushi Burger ( One superb    beef hamburg    in special wasabi mayo sauce with cheese )
      6. Katsu Curry Sushi Burger ( A juicy fried chicken katsu in sushi burger with our Japanese curry sauce )
      7. Sumo Yaki Sushi Burger ( Enjoy this yummy sushi beeg burger with teriyaki sauce & tempura gobo root )
      8. Spicy Tuna Sushi Burger (Combination of spicy tuna with mayonnaise & tempura flakes )
      9. Spicy Katsu & Cheese Sushi Burger ( A taste of chicken katsu, cheese, & mayo with spicy sauce )

      Sushi Burger Tagline Campaign : “Sushi = Good, Burger = Good, SUSHI BURGER = Very Very GOOD!!

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