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    • A Slice of Doner Kebab
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      D?ner kebab is a traditional Turkish dish made from meat roasted vertically on a spit. It is closely related to Greek gyros and other traditional spit-roasted meats from around the Mediterranean and Middle East. In addition to being abundant street food in Turkey, d'ner kebab can be found in nations all over the world with large Turkish populations, especially Germany and Great Britain. In these countries, doner kebab has acquired its own unique flavorings and twists, mingling native and Turkish tastes.

      To make d?ner kebab, meat is filleted and compressed onto a large spit, forming a long cylinder of meat. The spit is oriented vertically, with a heat source on one side, and then it is slowly rotated to cook the meat. As people order d?ner kebab, the cook shaves off small pieces of cooked meat, gradually exposing uncooked layers for cooking. Doner kebab is rich and flavorful, as it is cooked slowly and it bastes itself in its own juices.

      The meat of choice for doner kebab is lamb, although beef may be used as well. Because Turkey is a Muslim country, pork is not usually an option, although some cooks might offer chicken, fish, or other unusual meats. The meal is traditionally served with bread such as pita bread to hold the meat and soak up the juices, and doner kebab is also offered with an assortment of sauces and garnishes, depending on where in the world one orders it.

      At a minimum, two sauces are available for d?ner kebab, a yogurt sauce and a hot sauce. Many cooks also prepare tahini and several different versions of yogurt sauce with ingredients like garlic, cucumber, and fresh herbs. The meat may also be served with shredded cabbage or lettuce, tomato, onions, or pickled chilies. Some people also enjoy a fiery glass of Raki with their d?ner kebab.

      Although d?ner kebab is particularly associated with street food and carry out, it is also sometimes offered in sit down restaurants, in which case it may be presented on a plate with rice and other foods. Some stores also use larger breads like Indian naan to wrap their d?ner kebab, creating a bigger portion, and adventurous cooks even add curry powder and other unusual ingredients to their marinades.

      Making d?ner kebab at home is not generally workable, since it requires a large amount of meat and a specialized vertical spit. People who want to mimic the flavor might want to try making shish kabobs, which can taste quite similar. (Source: Food Reference)

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