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    • The Sticky Story of Chewing Gum
    • 13 years ago by N. Paresh
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      You will find number of gum chewer around you every moment. Thousands of people each moment blow chew gums. Over $3.5 billion of gum is sold all over the world each year. Chewing gum and bubble gum has become one of the most favorite time pass for people of any age. Chewing gum has a very interesting history. It is one of the oldest known candies in the world.

      Gum has been in use by people around the world from thousands of years in various forms and flavors. It has been recorded by archaeologists that men and women thousands of year ago, chewed gum in the form of tree resin lumps, they enjoyed doing so. Our ancestors had found many different uses of tree resins, they used the tree resins to clean their teeth by chewing the lumps of tree resins and rubbing them on teethes, they also used some type of tree resins as mouth fresheners, some tree resins were good for health and were used specially for that purpose, there were some other uses of resins that people knew thousands of year ago.

      Chewing gum was first sold commercially in 1848 when the Curtis brothers, residents of Maine, experimented on spruce tree resin and made a sticky, rubbery material which they tried and chewed. They found that interesting to chew it and thought that it could make money for them. This was the first time in history when the chewing gum was sold commercially. Two years after their successful experiment with the spruce tree resin, which they converted into gum, they started with their first major gum manufacturing plant. They also added flavor to the gum and introduced paraffin in it to give extra soft and rubbery feel. The plant was named "Curtis Chewing Gum Factory".

      Next in early 1880, the Fleer brothers, Henry Fleer and Frank Fleer experimented with CHICLE which is obtained from sapodilla tree. They processed the CHICLE and made cubes of the substance and coated the cubes with sweet material. They named their invention "Chiclets". Further they also tried to make bubble gum but they never could commercialize it.

      As the time passed, many experiments were carried out to obtain different type of gums either in the form of chewing gum or in the form of a bubble gum. People also tried to experiment with ways of representing their product in new forms so as to be able to attract customers. The very next step of sweetening of gum and giving it a new flavor has its own part of success in history.

      There are many flavors of gum right from normal vanilla to the flavor of coke. Many manufacturers are providing customers with option to choose softness level, sweetness level, flavors etc. Today, there are various types of gums available in market ranging from gums which normally people eat to gums used for medical purpose. Ingredients which are good for our teethes and are called "dental gums", gums which bring freshness to breath, some manufacturers have introduced pepsin to their gums and gave a guarantee that their product would relieve indigestion and heartburn etc. are being added to new type of gums.

      In recent few decades, there were some allegations which were wide spread and which were reason of de-moralizing people from chewing gum. Few among such rumors are that, if we chew gums, we attract cancer; our facial muscles go on deteriorating if we are frequent gum chewer, our intestines stick together as an effect if we chew gums etc. But the gum has never seen downfall in people who enjoy chewing gum. (from many sources).

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