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    • Ice Cream: Deliciously creamy, rich, smoothly texture, stiff upper lips and yummy!
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      Ice Cream is a frozen dessert that is made from dairy products as the basic ingredients such as milk and cream then combined with flavorings such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mocca, coffee, green tea, etc and sweeteners (sugar) that also can be enriched with other ingredients as variations that can be as garnishes or as fillings such as choco chips, dried fruits, biscuits, messes etc and also it can be served straightly or matched with other condiments dishes such as crepes, cone etc.

      It has often been said that the Chinese invented ice cream and that Marco polo brought the idea to Europe in the 13th century. This is more myth than historical fact, ice cream was invented in China in the first millennium. The process of freezing liquids by immersing them in a mixture of ice and salt, which react together to lower the temperature of the mixture below freezing point, this is how ice cream had to be made until the invention of the freezer in the 20th century. A vessel containing ice and salt surrounds a container containing the ice cream mixture. The temperature in the ice and salt mix drops, freezing the container's contents. To ensure it freezes evenly, it is generally stirred or rotated.

      Ice cream made with a milk mixture was first recorded in Europe in Italy.. In England, the first recorded serving of this rare luxury was in 1672, to King Charles II, whose table at a banquet was served a delight denied to those sitting at more humble tables. The first English cookery book to give a recipe was Mrs Mary Eales Receipts of 1718. The recipe did not include a process for making the ice smooth and it must have been coarse with ice crystals. Ice being rare, ice cream was a luxury for the well off in all countries and had to be made and served immediately, there being no way to store it for any great time.

      By the time goes by, Ice cream is widely spread and named in a various words and become more unique because of the ingredients and its presentations. Here several partial list of ice- creams-like with the country of origin and the ingredients used:

      Es Puter - It is an Indonesian dessert. Literally it means Spinning Ice. Spinning is taken from the way this food is made. Es puter is made from coconut milk, sugar, pandan leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius) and food essence.

      Mellorine: it is non-dairy, with vegetable fat substituted for milk fat

      Frozen custard or Semifreddo - It is similar to Italian Gellato with 10% milk fat and at least 1.4% egg yolk and much less air beaten into it.

      Spaghetti Eis - is a German ice cream specialty that looks like a plate of spaghetti. It can be found at Gellato shops.

      Sherbet - it contains of 1-2% milk fat and sweeter than ice cream.

      Gelato - an Italian frozen dessert having a lower milk fat content than ice cream and stabilized with ingredients such as eggs.

      Dondurma - It is the Turkish ice cream that is made of salep and mastic resin.

      Ais kacang - it is a dessert in Malaysia and Singapore made from shaved ice, syrup, boiled red bean and topped with chocolate sauce and evaporated milk.

      Ice cream is no more as a luxury dishes. It is just like a need. For some people, they see it is a must to them for having ice cream stock inside their freezer. And it?s true that everybody can enjoy it anytime or even create it based on their own flavors and styles. Varies style of ice creams now are sold and available in every corner of town. From the very finest ice cream for diet until the cheap and simple one that sold door to door.

      A simple instant ice cream powder also available in supermarket in affordable price. So, everyone can enjoy it and create their own ice cream. For those who are having a diet, they still can enjoy this lovely foods with no guilty. Several named gelato shops in town offer various ice creams that contains low fat.

      And I think, it's a pretty good idea for perfecting this weekend with a full scoop of our favorite ice creams while watching movies or just escaping from the routines for real flavor and great living of us.

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