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    • Rainy Season is coming, It?s time for Warmer Drink!
    • 13 years ago by Yuandhi Fendri
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      As the climate changes, now we have a rainy season. For a metropolitan city such as Jakarta, flood and traffic jam are the main problem during this season. As always, we anticipate it with umbrella or a rain coat in our bag and of course, we should be early in scheduling our activities. But let?s take a look to other side of the rainy season?s routines. Rainy season, it means warmer drink?s time!

      Warmer drinks can be classified as a comfort beverage, which is naturally it is simple drink, easy prepared, home made, and can be enjoyed anytime. For a tropical country like Indonesia, our people have several ingredients that usually are kept in the kitchen and consumed in a sense of continuity during wet season. What are those ?Warmer? ingredients?

      Tea: it is originally tropical herbal, a common ingredient of comfort drink which can be served either hot or cool. It is can be served straightly or mixed with other ingredients such as fruits or spices will result great mixed beverages. There are several types of tea based on its origin and history. It is a natural source of caffeine and also as an anti-oxidant. By consuming tea periodically, it will give a potential effect on human metabolism system especially to boost the immune system and mental alertness. A certain variant of tea is claimed to be helpful for those who has a ?weight? problem.

      Coffee: As same as the tea is, coffee also derives from several variances that based on the origin where the plants are cultivated. Coffee has played an important role in many societies throughout modern history. Coffee is considered as caffeine source which the negative or positive impact after consumption it is still disputed. But then, a zip of coffee with friends on weekend is a perfect time to recharge our mind after a week stuck in our rush routines.

      Chocolate: beside it is known as one of comfort beverage ingredients, chocolate also consider also as an aphrodisiac food. the Aztecs referred chocolate as ?the nourishment of the gods?. Chocolate is good for antioxidants and it contains chemical thought that can make our brain relax. A cup of hot chocolate or it can be mixed with fresh milk is good before we are going to bed.

      Ginger: These rhizome herbals are goods for health. A good mixed with tea can be considered for stomach settlers and ginger water is also good for cramps.

      Orange: Oranges has varies varieties, such as lemon, mandarin orange, Persian orange, and so on. This Chinese Apple? is rich with vitamin C and very good for body immune system. A cup of hot orange drink with honey is good for cold or just make a warm for your body during the wet day.

      But then, one again, since a comfort beverages: The Warmer Drink is also consider as a habit, different people has their own style in creating and combining the ingredients for their beverages. So, what about you? What is your favorite warmer drink?

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