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    • Say Hello to Greek Food!
    • 10 years ago by Dina Indrasafitri
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      One of the basic ingredients in Greek Cuisine is the olive fruit and olive oil. Some might think that Italian food brings light to the oil, yet it is actually more of a staple need in cooking Greek cuisines than Italian. Unlike your regular cooking oil, Olive oil is actually delicious on its own. That's why you could dip bread in the substance and it will taste just as good, if not even better, as if you spread butter on it.

      You've probably heard of the Extra-virgin olive oil and how people made a fuss out of the thing. Stop your cynicism right now, because the fuss is definitely worth it. Extra virgin olive oil is made using the latest in technology and is probably one of the healthiest thing you could get your hands on these days.

      You could also expect running into a lot of cheese in the world of Greek cuisine. Feta cheese, that is. Feta cheese is made from the milk of goat or sheep soaked in brine to get that slightly tangy taste. This is not the kind of cheese that gets better with age, and is used in many areas of Greek cooking, from salads to spinach pie. Of course, there are a number of other cheeses with different tastes and textures, all of them adding their own flavor to the cuisines. 

      Greece is famous for its vegetables. The wide selection ranging from tomatoes to capers are delightfully fresh and the people of Greece like to keep it so. That's why Greek food is one of the most nutritious foods on earth. Expect lots of salad, in fact, horiatiki salata, one of the most famous of them all, had been known worldwide as the 'Greek Salad'. It is a colorful blend of fresh veggies with olive oil and feta cheese. Definitely addictive.

      Meat is widely eaten, especially lamb. You can run into various meat dishes, from roasted, stewed, served in steak-like manner, and even a few sausages called Loukaniko. Most people have had their taste of Mousaka, which is probably a Greek version of pie or Lasagna. Mousaka contains minced beef, eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes and bechamel sauce, baked till golden and served warm. Fishes and other sea products are also a common food for the Greek. Seafood dishes are usually kept simple: grilled, made into soups or fried.

      Looking at Greek foods and how simply yet brilliantly they are prepared, no wonder the Greek produced some of the most wonderful legends in human history. Must've been the tomatoes.

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