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    • Kahlua Coffe and Marsmallow Hot Chocolate
    • 8 years ago by Octafiyenie M.Dj
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      On this November, Lagoon Lounge presents The Kahlua Coffee and Marshmallow Hot Chocolate. When the weather became breezy, or while waiting the traffic jam after office hour, guest can enjoy and relax in the afternoon with friends, colleagues or business partner and sip on a cup of Kahlua Coffee and Marshmallow Hot Chocolate that will warm the atmosphere. The Kahlua Coffee and Marshmallow Hot Chocolate offers from IDR 108,000 ++.

      Kahlua Coffee is coffee that made from 100 % Arabica Coffee, a drink with alcohol it feels thick and sweet because additional cane sugar and corn syrup. Inside of Kahlua Coffee it’s contain vodka and vanilla. Kahlua brown soupy, in addition Kahlua original contain 20% ABV (alcohol by volume), but there is Kahlua that contain alcohol level higher, which is Kahlua Especial, with alcohol content until 35% AVB. Kahlua Especial has strong flavor of coffee because made from pure Arabica coffee beans.

      Compare with the original version, Kahlua especial more washy and not too sweet as Kahlua original. Kahlua made from coffee beans, so it’s containing little caffeine. In every 44 ml drink contains 4,85mg caffeine. In other hand, caffeine contains only 1/10 from coffee with the same volume. To produce Kahlua, need time until 7 years, starting from the coffee plant, harvesting, drying and storage of coffee beans, distillation, to roasting and mixing. Extract coffee mixed with sugar cane, spirit vanilla, and caramel; and stored for eight weeks before filtered and packed in the bottle.

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